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Leading the realization of 21st century high-tech informatization society – ITIS corp.
We, ITIS, would be a corporation to be reliable by the technology.
  • 2011 ~ 2020
  • 2010 ~ 2002
  • Interlocking with the Ministry of Education's RFID product management system
  • Ministry of Public Administration and Security and Ministry of Education electronic tag interlocking management, periodic inspection, current service MAS registration
  • Registered Gclouding MAS for computer network conversion device of Public Procurement Service
  • Public Procurement Service computer server and SW MAS registration
  • Head office relocated (Suwon, Gyeonggi-do)
  • Evaluation of construct ability on information and communication area, first class in Chungbook
  • PPS CCTV MAS, registered
  • ITIS corp. Dae-Goo branch, established
2014 ~ 2015
  • Evaluation of construct ability on information and communication area, first class in Chungbook
  • ITIS corp. Gyeong-Gi branch, established
  • Government procurement MAS institution, registered
  • Korean CCTV Instrument Industry Cooperative,registered
  • KFSMB CCTV system direct production, registered
  • Patent of moving object tracing camera device, registered
  • Active advertising system using mapping of imaginary identifiable information, registered as utility model
  • Design related to garbage taking away bottle, registered
  • 14 of SUPIA trade-marks including garbage separator, registered
  • Industrial-educational cooperative system with Korea Polytechnics
  • Industrial-educational cooperative system with Chung-cheong University
2011 ~ 2013
  • Certification of a company auxiliary research institute
  • CCTV system manufacturing facility, set up
  • Manufacturing facility of RFID garbage measuring unit, set up
  • ITIS corp. Yong-In branch, established
  • ITIS corp. Se-Jong branch, established
  • ITIS corp. In-Cheon branch, established
  • ITIS corp. Chung-Ju branch, established
  • Partnership with AhnLap
  • KFSMBRFID garbage measuring unit, registered
  • User-oriented eco-friendly collective taking away facility of emissions, patent registered
  • Eco-friendly collective taking away facility of emissions,patent registered
  • Collective taking away facility of garbage equipped measurement apparatus, design registered