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Leading the realization of 21st century high-tech informatization society – ITIS corp.
We, ITIS, would be a corporation to be reliable by the technology.

The corporation leading the ubiquitous age!
Welcome to visit the ITIS corp.

President Jong-Shik Cho
ITIS corp. is
We are providing a discriminated value, and developing ourselves to advanced corporation for leading the future information&communication technology. And we become to bear a fruit in system integration(SI/NI) fields and new technology RFID fields, by help of customer’s support.

Due to the marketing suit for customer and superior technology, and continuous investment for R&D, We started a field of voice recognition CCTV, and green growth fields such as garbage measuring unit based on RFID and Bluetooth device. We would be developed and grew together with customers.

And, not to live in peace as a precursor of RFID fields, we confirmed ours position more, by acquiring a certification of patents, utility models and ISO 9001/ISO 14001 international certification of RFID system.

We promise to try to make all customers satisfying through accumulated know-how as a First&Best corporation.

Thank you.
President Jong-Shik Cho