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As a precursor in the field of integrated system & RFID business
We, ITIS, would provide best service through continuous development.

System Integration

To accomplish the management purpose of customer,optimum computer system was established for all process; system plan, development, setup, operating, maintenance and so on

System Integration
  • System integration and management

    Suggest a systematic integration and management method with background of long know-how for system integration

  • Information system outsourcing

    Acting for stable and effect management and operation over the system integration

  • Solution

    Provide suitable solution for business condition


Suggest the various system products and solution for government and company, and the effective solution and operating method for IT fields

  • ISP(Information Strategy Planning)

    • Apply informitization plan, procedure, and information technology for IT fields, and suggest optimum solution for system
    • Improve information system and support new technology introduction
    • Information system, defining high level DATA and task function, establish
    • Support establishing the technical system needed for realizing system
  • System infra consulting

    Suggest best system compositing way for customer who consider the new IT system investment

  • Controlling outsourcing consulting

    Suggest system management and operating way suit for each customer

  • Design and setup

    Suggest optimum composition considering all conditions

Network integration

Setup the network system integration using best IT sources, with Cisco System and other supreme companies

Network integration
  • Network diagnosis and consulting

    • Suggest setup method for network system on overall company through diagnosis and analysis of network system infra
    • Grabbing the system status, suggest improving method using diagnosis tool
  • Network setup

    Setup the distinguished network system with expert technology and consulting


Setup the information protecting system for protecting the system and personal information from cyber attack

  • Security consulting

    Suggest counter action with technical, physical, and managemental way such as protection and searching of electronical violation

  • Security system setup

    Support various security products considering compatibleness with system’s feature, size, and so on.

  • Diagnosis on system’s weak point

    Find the dangerous elements affecting to confidentiality, integrity, and usability on information system in company, and provide reaction method