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Garbage Measuring Unit

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Green Environment - SUPIA
Responsibility for society and environment, Garbage taking away system with emitted ratio

SUPIA : the Korean meaning of 'the patron saint who protecting the environment'



Same place, but different feeling.Clean garbage handling

  • Same height with conventional one to prevent safety accidents

    • No restriction to use by vulnerable social group(elders, disabled, or child) by considering safety and comfort
    • no additional option by using conventional taking away bottle
    • same emitting height with conventional one, no repulsion
  • Volume sensor always check the amount of emission

    • Detecting the amount of garbage in the bottle(120L), indicate this on display and sent SMS to person in charge
    • checking the amount of emittable, user can use other units if a unit was full
  • Optimum design for emission

    • No limitation of emission amount in one-time, mass emission is acceptable
    • because there are no basket for emission, there are no reminder and no obstacles
    • emission time is shorter than upper load cell facility
  • Sensor detecting the bottle

    • Detecting sensor is mounted in product, and emission of garbage is not accepted if there is no bottle. So secondary public resentments and accidents could be prevented

Effect of adoption

  • For economical aspects

    • 2012, 20% reduction was accomplished. (17 thousands ton/day ▶ 14thousands ton/day), saving 5 trillion won per a year
    • 2012economical value of 25 trillion won was expected for wasting the food garbage, and saved economical value of foodㆍenergy etc was estimated 5 trillion won per a year
  • For environmental aspects

    • If garbage were reduced, target amount would be reduced 3 thousands ton/day, and carbon dioxide would be reduced 420 thousands ton per a year(amount of 150 thousands cars.)
  • Realize successful garbage measuring regime

    • Service charge could be collected with regarding measure
    • reduction of emission, due to spontaneous reduction
    • with effective taking way system, transportation and handling cost could be saved
  • Realize eco-friend Green-ITfor low-carbon green growth

    • Lifetime expansion of land fill site
    • preserve the clean environment due to reduction of garbage
    • follow the policy conducted by government
  • Realize clearㆍscientificㆍhigh-tech administration of clean

    • Cost of garbage transportation, collection and handling saved due to reduction amount of emission
    • rapid action for public needs due to provided real-time information
    • Realize clear administration service through checking the handling cost of garbage
    • financial self-reliance of local government through realization of service charge
    • realize clear administration and increase the service satisfactory of public

Upgrade effect by SUPIA

  • Full-HD LED monitor equipped, and thereof synergy

    • notifying the new, major performances, displays, festival etc, improve the quality of life
    • notifying the emergency and disaster issue, minimize the damage
    • act as a public media, develop a local society
  • Innovative paradigm of garbage collecting place

    • same place, but high quality garbage emission place, distinguished feeling
    • new concept cultural space, increasing the value of village
    • from dirty and avoid-wanted place to eco-friend place, improve the image