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The technology identifying object (things, person etc.) by using radio frequency.It is operated by assigning information suit for usage to RFID tag that composed of antenna & rod, mounting it to object, recognizing information through RFID reader. It is applied to transportation card, parking management, book management, card for control the entering, identification of animal, hi-pass, and so on.

Features of RFID

Features of RFID

RFID comparative table

Quality Barcode RFID
Read type Non-contact Non-contact
Reading distance 0~50cm 0~5m
Reading speed 4sec 0.0.~0.1sec
Readable Lower than 95% More than 99.9%
Transmittable Negative positive(except for metal)
Lifetime Negative 100 thousand (60 years)
Data storage 1~100BYTE 1~100BYTE
DATA WRITE Negative Positive
Card damage Frequently Almost non
Cost of tag Most chip Normal($0.5~$1)
Security Almost negative Not copy-able
reuse Negative Positive

RFID basic principle

RFID basic principle

EPC code identifying system

EPC code identifying system

Sample data

  • Product name : notebook computer, LG electronics T30-2366-J4K, PENTIUM4 / products classification number : 43171801 / products identifying number : 20499089

    RFID identifying number :

  • In case of issuer number, it could be re-issued through The Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry, GS1 Korea.

System structure of RFID system

System structure of RFID system System structure of RFID system